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19 Nov

Recently I was cleaning out my mail box and found some people had turned to me for advice. 

First is from Jon: 

Question for Malcolm :
What motivates you?
Malcolm replied back: 
 Thanks for asking! 
I am mainly motivated by treats and sparkle balls. 
Next comes from a lady, but sorry, I forget her name. I think after you read it, you will understand why I forgot…

This may come up in the remaining portion of the talk, but if not :
Financial inequity in the US is well documented — the huge percentage of wealth in a small percentage of the population. Despite the legitimacy in our tax code you discussed (but noting your aside about hedge fund managers), It is easy to imagine that there are many in poverty who feel that they do not have a legitimate path to education, a living wage, upward mobility etc. How do you think this will play out over the next several years?

Now, being a scholarly tabby, I tried to answer in a way that wouldn’t scare her off. I didn’t want to use any big economics words,

Dude, I am just an orange tabby cat! I don’t know anything about that stuff. 

-Malcolm, Orange tabby cat. 

Believe it or not, I really did email them both back. If they respond, I will let you know. After all I could have the chance to really help some humans here in their understand of the world. I can better them, and make them smarter people. 

Let me pat myself on the back before I go eat some treats. 


Yr friend forever!

Orange Malcolm! 




Hey Ladies!

19 Nov

Hey Ladies!

Am I hot or not?

Things I’ve Learned about Life

8 Jan

Sometimes you don’t get all the space you need…

IMG_0020Sometimes there is light in the darkness..


Sometimes you don’t get the coverage that you need…


Sometimes when you are down and out, a little pink can make all the difference…


But if you have a little spot to call your own….


That’s all you need to feel like you are King (or Queen) of the World


Life’s Good, Bitches!!



8 Jan

My god, man! It’s been a year, exactly since I got all bloggy and stuff! A year! What kind of treatment

is that? I can’t imagine the pain that you, my dear readers, have endured in that time!

Never again my friends. Never again!malkie

Tough Guy

8 Jan


Yeah, you can call me a tough guy. I won’t argue. When I see an injustice, or maybe just something that bugs me, I am going to stand up for what I believe in.

…And if that means beating up a girl cat laying in the doorway of a room I want to go into… well then…

So be it!

‘Cause Baby I was Born this Way….


Look at her holding out her paws. Trying to keep me from entering. Well…. That’s not going to happen, I can guarantee you that!


BONK! Right to the head missy! Whoo.. look at that blow!


Our eyes are locked… we are watching each other’s very moves. There will be no retreat!

There will be no truce! I will enter that room!


Another blow landed her head! I showed her!  Now get up and fight like the feral cat I know you are, you little missy!



This time I have her a right. Boom, right on the paws!


After this, the human said “Enough” and then laughed at me! She said “Malcolm she must not have been too scared of you, if she continued to lay there like nothing of any importance was happening”




Girls suck! Feline and Human!

It’s a photo spread!

11 Sep

Noted Catographer Nigel The Barker came over and we did another photo shoot. I was hot!

Dudes! What else did you expect!














The human thinks I have a shoe fetish, but I really just appreciate a good pair of work out shoes. Here are some fine NB 883s:




And today… the new Saucony ProGrid 9s – Great padding!

Here’s a great pic! It’s me trying to figure out how the hell anything can fit into the carrier! WTH:

Hey, Fans that’s all for now but keep checking back. We now have more computers than humans here, so obviously I will be able to get

on line all the time now!

Stay Awesome everyone! You know I will!

Gotcha Day, Gone and Went

19 Jun

It twas my “Gotcha Day” today and the human forgot. Heck if wasn’t for the Feline-L list, she never would have known!

That’s abuse, if you ask me!


How does anyone forget this?


Or this:



I know someone who celebrates my arrival every day!!! Guess who?


Yeah, she loves me.


And you know, I am always here.. watching everything… with one eye open to all….




And since I never get any babyfood for any occasion, I have to make due with what I can get my paws on … like back in April:



And just this past week:


I have heard that some people have been accusing me of having a shoe fetish, but you know, maybe if I got some baby food and maybe if I wasn’t always forgotten about, I wouldn’t have to turn to shoes. You know..


Well happy Gotcha Day to Me… I guess…



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