A Cousin Pays a Visit

25 Oct

My cousin Chloe came to visit me today.  I think she knows that I am on the verge of Internet Stardom and wanted to get on the band wagon. The Malcolm Bandwagon of Internet Awesomeness. Man, that sounds like an awesome awesome bandwagon.

Let me tell you a little bit about Chloe.  She just turned 16. Sweet Sixteen? No way man! No way!I mean, dude, she got her nose pierced, so take that as you will.

I first met Chloe after I had just come to live with my Human. I’d been there like a day or two. I was young.  A baby. She came downstairs all “MALCOLM! MALCOLM!” (and his is how women usually are with me.. I can’t help it).  I gave her a little hiss and she ran away.  Man I was only about 10 weeks old but that little 10 yr old girl was scared… scared of my awesomeness.

However we are pretty close now. We are tight. Cousins, you know. When she heard I had a blog, she begged to have her picture taken with me…. and so it goes…..

I don’t look very thrilled do I?

This girl might just love me a little too much, huh?

She wants to look lovingly in my eyes… and I am not having any bit of that!

And here comes the Hula.. Since I was a kitten this girl has forced me to dance the Hula with her:

This should be a No Hula zone!  You know?!?!

Anyway, Chloe’s alright. She’s a little misguided, as she has her own orange cat at home and well, he just isn’t me. I feel bad for the kid as I am sure he tries. I am sure that I am his idol and you know, that’s okay. That’s awesome.

Well look… I gotta go keep an eye out on the balcony for birds.. I know they are out there!

Oh and one last thing, I am going to use this blog as an advice column. So if you are a human that has questions on life or love. If you are a cat who doesn’t understands your humans life and loves. Or if you just aren’t sure what’s going on… email me and I will answer questions here in the blog.

Email me at  askmalcolm@gmail.com

(Update: The Human added a “Contact me” thingymabobber off to the right side, so you can send your questions to me that way! Let me help you be Awesome!)

I look forward to helping you out, okay?


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