More Questions! Awesome Answers!

27 Oct

Wow, make up a few questions, and the real ones start coming in!

And away we go……

From Pinkie Poo

Dear Malcolm:

Can you tell me why NeNe Leakes’ (Real Housewives of Atlanta) hair has decided to run from the right side of her body?  She looks like she’s trying to rock the Peppermint Patty look.

Hey Pinkie!

Well I am more of a Lifetime Network guy myself. Have you ever seen the awesome show Reba? Such acting! Such writing! Lifetime knew what they were doing when they starting running that one 24/7!  However, you didn’t ask about Lifetime, did you? You are a Bravo kinda gal, Pinkster! Now, I will admit that I haven’t seen the latest episode of The NeNe Leakes show, so I don’t know if I can give you a complete and up to date answer but I will tell you that NeNe has some crazy ‘do! It’s like half a lion cut! My sister Teva had a whole lion cut once and while she looked like a freak, she looked nothing like NeNe and her half-lion cut!  You know what they need on that network… more cats. Orange ones preferably. Really, Orange cats would solve most of the problems of the world! Put us in charge of Lifetime, Bravo and The World!

Thanks for the awesome Q, P!

Malker-doodlie-doodle poodle Scott.

Here’s Teva , rockin’ the lion cut!


Now folks.. let’s move on to a much more important subject, courtesy of my pal Dexter.

My name is Dexter…..When my human cleans my litter box i tend to go to the batroom at the same time….he seems to get really angry while i’m doing my thing….should i hold off and go eat or continue with my discharge?


OH DEXTER! Hey Buddy!

Only one word is needed to answer this: DISCHARGE!

Human’s often misunderstand why we do what we do! However, you and I both know that everything we do we do out of love.  Yep, LOVE. L    O    V   E.

What would your human be doing if he wasn’t cleaning out your box. Watching TV? Drinking some beer? Hanging on the computer? You and I both know that human’s can’t spend all of their time doing that (unless they are watching Reba, of course).

So box cleaning is important!! It’s important for their health and welfare. My friend, Dexter, you are just letting them know that you care. You don’t want them to finish up that box too soon. You gotta give them a little extra. That’s love. Pure and simple. Love.

You keep on keepin’ on now, Dexter. Keep that human in line!


Your Pal, Mal.

Well I want to thank Pinkie Poo and Dexter for getting in touch. Remember whether you are critter or human I am here for you.



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