Family Day… I guess!

7 Nov

I am mostly writing this post under protest, but I am also writing it as an excuse to get out of cleaning!  Cleaning! Who does this human think she is. Seriously! A little while ago as she was sorting clothes for laundry she said “It’s house cleaning day, Malcolm, and I expect everyone to help out”.  Did you hear that “Malcolm”. Why is she calling me out? What’s Teva doing? What’s Ally-bob doing? Nothing! Why didn’t she say their names?? Hell, why not call out Chatty Cathy. She never does anything except sit around in the back room.

The human also says I need to write a little about Ally and Teva “It’s only fair” she said. My response, “Have them get their own blogs” but I just sighed and agreed to do it.  I was going to do it yesterday but the human was on the computer all day, blogging on her own blogs. Selfish.  Self-ish!

So, since I am so smart, I decided to blog about the girls as an excuse to get out of cleaning! No mopping for me!  Ha Ha!!

Human’s Critter History

The human grew up with dogs. I don’t know why anyone would want dogs, but apparently in the Scott house, it was the choice they made before they got smart. I guess they were young and their brains weren’t fully developed yet, so they wanted Dogs. Dogs!

I think it was about 1991 or 1992 when the human got smart. She was about 30 and that is when their brains fully develop apparently and she knew she wanted cats! Cats! Whooo Hooo!

So for Christmas a friend gave her two. Litter mates. Weird term. Zeke and Ty.  Brother and Sister.



When they were about 6 or 7 years old, the human found a cat in her front yard. A cat who would turn out to be the bane of my existence. Ally-bob.  She was about 1 yr old at the time.

So there they were. Three Black cats, the human and Old Grandma all living together in a little tiny house.  I still don’t understand why anyone would have one black cat, let alone three but that’s this human!

When Ty was 11 she died from liver failure. Ty and Old Grandma were really close so it was sad for her.  So just Zeke and Ally were left.  About 10 months after Ty died, Human saw a sign at the Vet that there were kittens for adoption.   They introduced her to two kittens they had there. A gray male and a white and gray female.  They were about 6 months old and since Ally hated Ty, the human thought it was best to just get a male, instead of another female. So she agreed to take the male. Huckleberry Scott.

However the human kept thinking about the female who was left. Would she be lonely? Would she be okay? Would she forever be a pain to future cat Malcolm?  And so she went back the next day and adopted Teva Jean

Both of these kitten were a bit feral. They had been found at the river park and socialized at the vet office a few months. Huck liked Old Grandma but he was scared of the human and would run out of any room she walked in.  I would have loved to have seen that!

Teva and Huck were always together:

So for about two or three months, the human had 4 cats. Zeke, Ally, Huck and Teva. Zeke was sick with Renal failure and three months later he was tired of fighting it and he went to go be with his sis, Ty.  That evening, feeling very sad, the human sat on the couch and she felt a paw on her thigh,  just like Zeke would often do. Without thinking about it, she reached over to pet “Zeke” but looked over and it was Huck! Huck who couldn’t stand her up until then! Weirdo! Suddenly he liked the human!

That was November 2004. 2005 would end up being a sad year – where the worst and the best things happened to the human.

First Old Grandma was getting sick. Feeling tired and stuff.  Taking a lot of tests. In June, Huck got sick! He was only about 14 months old, but he didn’t make it. No one really knew why, but when the vet examined him afterward, it turned out he had only one lung. Poor dude!

Now it was just Ally and Teva. Did I mentioned that Ally hated Teva! Hated her!

A week after Huck died, the Human went to the vet to pay off the rest of his bill. As she was paying the receptionist said “I know it is too early but we have a couple kittens you have to see”. The Human almost didn’t go back! She almost paid and left! However, I must have had control of her even back then, because I telepathically made her come back.

Back in a cage was me…. oh and my sister a little tortie and my brother who was also an orange tabby. He was named Willie and he was all over the Human. Climbing over her! Wanting to get petted! However, he already had a future home. You see the people who found our mom and us decided to keep Mom and Willie. Apparently he wasn’t as mature as I was and so he couldn’t go off on his own, like me.  Makes sense. So Sister and I were back in the back of the kennel, hissing and growling and showing how tough we were. Then an idea hit me… I needed to make a move. So while Willie was acting all a fool, I sneaked up to the front and started licking the human’s fingers. Connection made!  I’m going to a home!

I said goodbye to Sister and little whiny immature Willie and went to my forever home! And boy did they need me!  My first job was to keep them on their toes! Old Grandma had a recliner that she sat in all the time. I loved to climb under it, and stick my head out the sides.  This would cause The Human to yell “Mom, don’t move!”  And she got on the floor and pulled me out. We did this over and over. It was a lot of fun. The human thought she was smart when she stuffed towels under the recliner and a blanket around the bottom to keep me out of there. No way.. I was too smart for them!  The Human always said “That chair is going to kill that cat!”

Here is Old Grandma and me in the chair! Great memories!

Sadly after only knowing Old Grandma for two months, she went to the hospital and ended up going to where Ty, Zeke and Huck live. It was very sad, and one of the first things that the Human did was have someone carry the recliner out to the garage.  Took away my favorite things to do… all because she didn’t want me to get a broken neck. Bummer.

After that we packed up all of our stuff, our cat toys, cat furniture and cat food and moved into our little apartment.  And here we live.

By the way, see the picture above of Ally and me? Well at Old Grandma’s house, Ally ruled the cat tree. When we moved into the apartment, I knew I was going to put an end to that! Here she was in the cat tree and to her dismay, I climbed right up and in with her.  And that was the last time she ever got up in the cat tree! I rule!

Anyway, we all still live together. We try to help keep our human young and active. We don’t let her sleep late on weekends by jumping up and down on her from the top of the headboard. I like to walk a diagonal line from on corner at the head of the bed to the opposite corner at the foot of the bed, stopping to rest while standing on the human’s hip. All 18  pounds of me! Ally likes to jump up and down from the headboard and tap the human on the head. Up and down. Tap tap tap. repeat. Over and over. Teva likes to sit either on the headboard or in the bedroom doorways and cry. And boy does she know how to cry. It’s so much fun.

We all make sure we eat different foods, too. Ally hates dry food and will only eat Fancy feast. Often, from week to week she chooses a favorite flavor and it is usually not a flavor the Human bought that week. So Ally sits and stares are her. She can stare at the Human for hours! It’s fun to watch.  Teva is a diabetic but no longer needs shots. She just eats a low carb food. I used to eat the same food. A low carb diet helped me maintain my 18 lbs svelte frame.  However this summer I had some problems and am now on a prescription diet of CD. I have to eat in the bedroom as Teva loves my food and tries to eat it all. Can’t do that, Diabetic cat!

I also got some drinking fountains! All for me! And my “problem”.

Like this one:

and then big blue:

It might look like I am scared of Big Blue, but not really. I just needed to slowly check it out. After all if it was dangerous it would fall to me to protect the family.

That is my job.

Super Malcolm.



2 Responses to “Family Day… I guess!”

  1. Wally whitetoes November 7, 2010 at 11:04 pm #

    Awesome! Super! Malcolm!

    You are a wonder cat.

    I strive for 18 pounds, but oh, Feeder is a tough
    cookie and I can’t get past 13. I was 13.2 when I
    had myd teeth done and Feeder was adamant about my

    I think you do a splendid job protecting and over-
    seeing the household!

    Wally Whitetoes
    Portly is Beautiful

    • Susan November 7, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

      It’s important to have goals in life so I guess you can look at it this way – 18lbs is a goal you can strive for, dream about. It’s attainable. You just have to be crafty!
      Good luck!

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