Birthday Injustice!

13 Nov

Guys, I am really mad! Mad I tell you!!!!  Now I like to think that I am a selfless cat and I can’t help but lay here in the laundry basket and stew about this one. I can’t stand to see an injustice done and humans, there is a big injustice going on here!

The Victim:

Ally-bob Scott. The birthday girl!

For two days the Human has been telling Ally that she would be getting baby food for her birthday. BabyFood! I can’t wait!!!!!
So here is what happened. The human came home from work with about 25 sacks of groceries all full of baby food. (Editor’s note: make that about 5 bags and only two jars of baby food).  So the Human tells Ally that she could have a jar of baby food after midnight. I can’t wait!!!!!

So for the past hour, Ally has been going crazy! Whenever the Human moves an inch, Ally jumps up on to the table and gets in her “Feed me!!” position.  And the human then says “It’s too early Ally. You have to wait until Midnight”.

Well, This is an injustice! See this picture that I took about a half hour ago:

Here’s the deal humans. We cats don’t wear watches! We don’t carry cell phones! If you are going to tell us Ally that  we she has to wait until midnight then you better make sure that you remember to change all the clocks back when Day Light Savings time ends!

Got it???



2 Responses to “Birthday Injustice!”

  1. Fordy November 13, 2010 at 6:11 am #

    It’s okay Malcolm Jayne. Just follow your namesakes lead, and storm the pantry and take the babyfood. Think of that human as the Alliance!

    • Susan November 13, 2010 at 6:17 am #

      Serenity Now!!!!

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