It’s been, like, forever!

28 Nov

Arg! The Human was off work all week and guess what that meant? She hogged the laptop and I didn’t get to blog. And so much excitement happened. Well not a lot, but I try to put a positive spin on things, you know?

Laundry Day

So let’s see..  I guess we will start with Laundry Day. It was nowhere near as fun as a regular laundry day. The human was on vacation so she expected me to do all the heavy labor. Ugh.

So, like, I was just laying there, taking it easy:

When all the sudden, she dumps all the clothes on the bed! Where I am sleeping!

And she says, “Malcolm get to work!” I wasn’t happy about this situation at all! I had to divide the clothing to proper piles. ME!

So to work I go. Sortin’. I was kind of embarrassed about this situation! Imma cat! Not a sorter! Once it was all sorted, I had to put it in the basket.

Once I was done with that, I was done! I told the human to do the rest of it herself. I don’t have opposable thumbs for a reason, you know! Man! I am getting out of here.

Taking it Easy

So the human was a little busy all week too. Her trainer was making her work out every day except Thanksgiving Day, so she’d go out in the afternoon to lift her weights (better she than me!) and then after that drive the Uncle around now that he was post-neck transplant. Sometimes we didn’t see her all afternoon. That’s okay, as long as she didn’t give us chores.

Sometimes, I did try and keep an eye on things:

When the girls seemed to be sleeping and not causing trouble I would snooze a bit too.. Why not?

(Too cold for you Ally-bob?)

Teva, taking it easy too…

And the best for last:


Not much happened for us, just two cans of Fancy Feast Turkey and Giblets. We ate. And we slept.

A visitor comes

I think you will remember my blog about my cousin Chloe coming to visit me. Well her wee sister came yesterday. Whoo hoo!

It’s Alison!! Look at the joy in her face! That’s what I do for people! Bringing the  joy!

I think she is trying to use me as a weight for bicep curls. Crazy kid!

So she stayed the night and that was great. But then she was gone…

I’m not Fallin’ for that!

The human took Alison home and then went to work out and do some shopping. She brought home cat litter! Cat food.. and two big red bags with white circles on them. I don’t know what’s in them but she threw them on my dining room table her bed. However later, it all became clear! They were full of gifts for me! new bedding!

So she strips the whole bed and all that is left is the mattress and the foamy pad that I like to climb under. She looks at me and says “Whatever you are thinking Malcolm, don’t even think of getting up here”. Well as you all know, I know humans pretty well. I know they do all this “Reverse Psychology”. I am not falling for it! If she is putting new sheets on the bed, she can do it! I am not getting up there and helping smooth things out. Oh no! I did too many chores all ready this week! Remember the laundry!?!? Not falling for it!

However.. someone else isn’t as smart… (the elderly, you know!)

Since I can’t let her get all the glory for helping out…

The new sheets were cool, and look a new blanket!

Comfy. Probably cozy too!

I got rid of Ally-bob when it was time to help with the new comforter…

Here I am helping it get spread out on the bed. It’s kind of slick, so that’s pretty cool, but it cause me to accidentally slide around a bit..

No I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it didn’t take me long to see something was wrong…

There was something long, orange and furry on the bed too!

I almost caught it and then it disappeared!

I have to rest now.  Making a bed and then chasing this long orange furry thing was tiring. Turn off the light, human and let me snooze!

And I have one parting thought for you. Remember, one human’s bed, is another cat’s dinner table.

It’s like getting a new table cloth!



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