Whooo weeeeee Visitors!

10 Dec

Yep, some other humans came to the house tonight and hung out. Mr Tony and Miss Missy! It was great hanging with you both but I felt bad that Miss Missy was crying when she left. Crying at the thought of having to leave me and go home.  Poor thing!  (Human note: She wasn’t crying. Her eyes were watering!)

Anyway, Noted Cat Photographer Nigel the Barker came to take a photo shoot of the visit!

Missy got stuck petting Teva instead of being able to focus on me. I felt bad for her:

Here I am with Mr. Tony! I am trying to teach him how to play. He doesn’t get it:

I wonder how his own cats can take it. You can’t just hold the stick at a 90 degree angle, buddy! Move it around!

Anyway, Ally had been trying to eat before the visitors came so she went and sulked while they were there!

Let’s look at her a little closer….

Back to me.. Still giving my lessons on Human play.

When I got done with all I could do to help this male human, I went to rest under the tree. (Hey do you see the orb in picture with me! Haunted!)

Well the male Human visitor didn’t seem to want to let me rest. So I turned on the magic:

I used my awesome power to get them to leave! I do know that both Mr. Tony and Miss Missy will be so sad about having to go home to their own cats (Hey Eris- Orange Power dude!) and I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible so they could relive the memories.



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