Merry Christmas to All!

25 Dec

Hello all Humans, Cats and Kittens! And Dogs too!


How about a look back at Christmas Past….

Whose that Angel? Wait, that ain’t no Angel.. that’s Ally-bob:

Don’t tell her I said so… but she was kind of chubby  back then!  And here too:

Oh boy… Glad she went on a diet!


Here’s some of Zeke-boy!


Look at Ty! Can you see her in this picture:


More of Ally:


After Ty and Zeke were gone, they humans had two youngin’s by the name of Teva and Huckleberry.  Or as Old Grandma called them The Darn Small Cats. So Darn Small Cats meant a Darn Small Tree:

They put a red plastic table cloth under it to hide the table and instead it turned out to be perfect for hiding Teva:

And Teva got to play a bit too:


We couldn’t find any Christmas Pic of  good ol’ Huck but the Human found this picture that she thought would make a pretty Christmas Card:


Notice anyone missing? Someone Orange maybe? Well here are some pictures taken today, but they were taken at a low point in my life:

Look! It’s me and the Christmas Tree:

And Presents! Who are they for????


Hold on! None of these are for me??? What??? Huh??? What??? I don’t believe it!!

It’s a sad sad day to be an Orange Cat. I am trying to find something Awesome about it, but I just don’t know….

I guess there is nothing left for me to do then close my eyes and dream of sugarplums dancing in my head .. whatever those are:



MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL… and to all a good night!



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