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Gotcha Day, Gone and Went

19 Jun

It twas my “Gotcha Day” today and the human forgot. Heck if wasn’t for the Feline-L list, she never would have known!

That’s abuse, if you ask me!


How does anyone forget this?


Or this:



I know someone who celebrates my arrival every day!!! Guess who?


Yeah, she loves me.


And you know, I am always here.. watching everything… with one eye open to all….




And since I never get any babyfood for any occasion, I have to make due with what I can get my paws on … like back in April:



And just this past week:


I have heard that some people have been accusing me of having a shoe fetish, but you know, maybe if I got some baby food and maybe if I wasn’t always forgotten about, I wouldn’t have to turn to shoes. You know..


Well happy Gotcha Day to Me… I guess…



A Boy Possessed!

15 Jun

What? I love a good pair of New Balance 883s!