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Q & A

19 Nov

Recently I was cleaning out my mail box and found some people had turned to me for advice. 

First is from Jon: 

Question for Malcolm :
What motivates you?
Malcolm replied back: 
 Thanks for asking! 
I am mainly motivated by treats and sparkle balls. 
Next comes from a lady, but sorry, I forget her name. I think after you read it, you will understand why I forgot…

This may come up in the remaining portion of the talk, but if not :
Financial inequity in the US is well documented — the huge percentage of wealth in a small percentage of the population. Despite the legitimacy in our tax code you discussed (but noting your aside about hedge fund managers), It is easy to imagine that there are many in poverty who feel that they do not have a legitimate path to education, a living wage, upward mobility etc. How do you think this will play out over the next several years?

Now, being a scholarly tabby, I tried to answer in a way that wouldn’t scare her off. I didn’t want to use any big economics words,

Dude, I am just an orange tabby cat! I don’t know anything about that stuff. 

-Malcolm, Orange tabby cat. 

Believe it or not, I really did email them both back. If they respond, I will let you know. After all I could have the chance to really help some humans here in their understand of the world. I can better them, and make them smarter people. 

Let me pat myself on the back before I go eat some treats. 


Yr friend forever!

Orange Malcolm! 




Hey Ladies!

19 Nov

Hey Ladies!

Am I hot or not?