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Tough Guy

8 Jan


Yeah, you can call me a tough guy. I won’t argue. When I see an injustice, or maybe just something that bugs me, I am going to stand up for what I believe in.

…And if that means beating up a girl cat laying in the doorway of a room I want to go into… well then…

So be it!

‘Cause Baby I was Born this Way….


Look at her holding out her paws. Trying to keep me from entering. Well…. That’s not going to happen, I can guarantee you that!


BONK! Right to the head missy! Whoo.. look at that blow!


Our eyes are locked… we are watching each other’s very moves. There will be no retreat!

There will be no truce! I will enter that room!


Another blow landed her head! I showed her!  Now get up and fight like the feral cat I know you are, you little missy!



This time I have her a right. Boom, right on the paws!


After this, the human said “Enough” and then laughed at me! She said “Malcolm she must not have been too scared of you, if she continued to lay there like nothing of any importance was happening”




Girls suck! Feline and Human!